Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory note and to learn a little more about us.

We are a very small company based in Warwickshire and we are the only manufacturer of artificial Christmas foliage in the UK.

As director and owner of this company I am proud to be able to deliver very high quality and luxurious Christmas garlands and wreaths into the UK marketplace.

In my recent past I have designed and delivered large-scale commercial Christmas schemes throughout the UK. However, I became increasingly frustrated that I could not buy the commercial quality product that I needed to complete my schemes and the only artificial garlands available were imported and of low quality – which did not meet my expectations or standards and were not fit for purpose.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and to establish The English Garland Company Ltd.

We only manufacture the best quality luxury items and use the best base materials we can buy – no short-cuts.

Wherever possible we use local and UK suppliers.

We do not want to compete with cheap imports and do not try to as we are confident that we offer the best quality artificial garlands and wreaths available in the UK for any use or intended location – commercial or personal use.

I am proud to be a UK manufacturer.

Sarah Vaughan