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christms wreaths
Single sided 90cm luxury christmas wreath with a light dressing

The PVC we use in our ribbon has been fire-tested as building class material M1 and it has met demands for non-readily ignitable building materials.
Click here to see our fire safety certification.


We use galvanized steel wire in all of our Christmas Garlands and Wreaths – our steel is made in Sheffield. All the wire has been tested and approved and so guarantees durability and safety assurance. Galvanized wire also will not impart rust damage onto the foliage.


Cheaper imported products in the marketplace will not deliver this quality and longevity.


The ranges and types of Christmas garland and wreaths that we offer are as follows:

Luxury Interior Design Range

Helpful Tip: For a 2.7m length of garland single-sided view you will need at least 100 lights depending on the density of light effect you want to create and how much dressing (if any) – that you will be applying. If you want to really impress add more!

Our Luxury Interior Design Range is ideal to decorate an interior setting where the product needs to be lightweight and flexible. This replica/artificial garland uses our classic blend of colours which guarantees a realistic and true look of classic Christmas live pine branches and twig. The 2.7m Luxury Interior Design Garland has approximately 380 twig tips.

The twig is less stiff and has less points than our Luxury Commercial range or Heavy Duty ranges and it has a flexible but strong core wire and so will support light dressing and lights.

This product is ideal for all interior uses such as mantelpiece decoration, ceiling drape and stair-banister weave.

The wreaths are perfect for indoor use or on exterior doors.– lightweight but very strong and durable with robust inner rings that will not fall out of shape.

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– NEW – Commercial Luxury Lite Range

This new range introduced for 2018 is a lighter/”skinnier” version of our best-selling Commercial Luxury Range. It delivers strong twigging on strong core wire but with less tips, thus making it a more economical option where budgets are tight.

These products are ideally suited for “one-sided” use, i.e. against a wall or surface. It is able to support only light dressing and lights. for greater effect and a much denser twig we recommend our standard Commercial Luxury Range.

Commercial Luxury Range

This image illustrates the size and twig density of the 35cm Commercial Luxury garlands.

This product is our most popular range and we guarantee it will deliver great impact and admiration in any location – indoors or out.

It offers strong twigging and core wire which will support heavy lighting and dressing.

Guaranteed to keep its shape.

The 2.7m Commercial Luxury Garland has approximately 785 twig tips.

Galvanised wire in twig and core – so no rust – durable and long lasting.

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Super Deluxe Heavy Duty

Helpful Tip: Super Deluxe Heavy Duty garland will need twice as many lights as other products so as to cover all the twig points – quantities depend at what distance it will be viewed from and its purpose within the whole scheme. Feel free to ask for advice.

Our Super Deluxe Heavy Duty is intended for large spaces or cross street use where a larger garland is needed for greater visual impact from a distance and where it needs to make an impression!

The 2.7m Super Deluxe Heavy Duty garland has approximately 975 twig tips.

We use our classic blend of colours to create an authentic artificial Christmas foliage.

Our Super Deluxe Luxury Garlands

This range has a very strong twig and inner core. The strength of the wire used will support heavy lighting and dressing.

The twig is densely packed so that all sides are luxurious.

This product is ideal for large-scale schemes and design where visual impact and strength is required.

Manufactured in the UK. Galvanized steel and wire from Sheffield. (We use British-made, galvanized and tested, high tensile guaranteed steel to ensure our strength promise and no rust damage.)

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Commercial Luxury Wreaths

We use strong
The wreath rings are hand-made locally and are strong and sturdy. We use British-made, galvanized and tested, high tensile guaranteed steel to ensure our strength promise and no rust damage.

We make luxurious artificial wreaths using single direction twigging so that the “pine needles” on the circular frame are uniform and are as realistic as possible

Christmas wreaths are available in various sizes from 45cm to 2.5m.

Our Christmas Wreaths can be ordered as single or double sided units and we hand apply wreath garland to the sturdy metal frame. Our frames are hand-welded locally to order using strong thick steel.

Our classic green blend of three matt colours in the twig needles guarantees an authentic replica foliage.

For your front door we recommend a 60cm single sided door wreath which can be used inside or out – as with all our products. If you want to really impress, order the double sided wreath for an amazing 3-dimensional effect.

Due to the dimensions of our larger wreaths 1.2m and above we would have to ship on a pallet as courier companies will not accept such a large round item and so please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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90cm and 120cm double sided christmas wreaths
90cm and 120cm double sided wreaths

Dressed for Christmas

dressed garlands and wreaths online
Winter Nature Dressed Christmas Garlands and Wreaths

We have a range of beautiful Christmas wreaths and garlands that are hand-dressed and available either as a package of two garlands and a wreath or as individual items. We also offer a range of garlands for weddings with pretty artificial white foliage and silk flowers.

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Bespoke Requests

Please get in touch if you need design advice or require a bespoke dressed product or a full scheme delivery.

We can manufacture a wide variety of bespoke shapes
We can manufacture a wide variety of bespoke shapes

Battery Lights

Battery lights are ideal to decorate indoor and outdoor smaller decorations where power is not easily accessible such as a door wreath.

We offer 100 LED or 50 LED light strings with a built in timer. (Batteries not supplied.)

All our battery lights are commercial grade.