Garlands & Swags

Garlands & Swags

We manufacture garlands to suit any location, including smaller interior spaces and large-scale exterior displays.

Visit the Gallery to see how customers have used our garlands creatively in a wide variety of premises.

For impressive suspended garland and larger spaces and bannisters, you will love the density of the heavier Commercial Luxury Garlands.

Don’t forget to add Garland Ties for discrete suspension.

Garlands can be easily hooked together to create garlands of whatever length you require. E.g. Two 2.7m Garlands can be used to create a 5.4m Garland.

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Luxury Interior Design Garlands

  • This luxurious Interior Design Christmas Garland is wonderfully flexible and very strong.
  • The replica garland uses our classic blend of colours which guarantee a realistic and true look of classic Christmas live pine branches.
  • The twig is less stiff than our commercial range and has finer soft-touch ‘needles’. It has a flexible but strong core wire.
  • This product is ideal for all interior uses such as mantelpiece decoration, ceiling drape and stair-bannister weave.
  • This can also be used outside as it is weatherproof.
  • Width measurement stated is from tip to tip across whole garland

Commercial Luxury Garlands

  • We use our classic bend of colours to create an authentic replica foliage.
  • This range has a very strong twig and stiff inner core. The strengths of the wire used will support heavy lighting and dressing.
  • This product is ideal for interior and exterior large-scale schemes and design where visual impact and strength is required.
  • This range can also be used outside against walls and features but we recommend the Super Deluxe Heavy Duty range for cross-street and exterior suspension purposes.
  • Manufactured in the UK. Steel and wire from Sheffield.
  • The photo shown to the right is an example of a 35cm Luxury Garland next to a person to illustrate the size of these garlands.
  • Width measurement stated is from tip to tip across whole garland

Image shows our Commercial Luxury Garlands
in production in our Warwickshire factory

2.7m Garlands can be easily hooked together to create garlands of 5.4m, or longer.

Commercial Luxury Swags

The Double Sided Commercial Luxury Swag is made from strong foliage and twig with a stiffer core for cross-mall and suspension interior use, but also for exterior covered and sheltered areas against walls and buildings. Denser twigging to support more lights and dressing for commercial use. Manufactured in the UK. Steel and wire from Sheffield.

Super Thick Outdoor, Heavy Duty Garlands

HD Garland Diff Sizes 25cm to 40cm

We can manufacture a bespoke solution for you with very dense and strong twigging which will happily support heavy lighting and decoration outdoors.

These garlands can be made to order and consist of a third more many twigs as of our commercial luxury range. They are seriously heavy duty with strong and dense twigging – made to withstand cross-street installations and all weather issues. Ideally these garlands are to use outdoors as a stand-alone installation.

Please send in your request or brief so that we can give you the best solution for your site.


Garland Ties

  • Handy lengths of pliable wired foliage in matching colours which you can use to suspend Garlands and Wreaths inconspicuously .