Luxury Christmas Garland

Super Deluxe HD Garland 30cm (5.4m)

Super Deluxe HD Garland 30cm (5.4m)
Approx. 1950 twig tips

Our 30cm thick Super Deluxe Heavy Duty Luxury Christmas Garlands have approximately 1950 twig tips. They are aimed at large interior and exterior spaces where a larger garland is needed for greater visual impact from a distance. Our luxury Christmas  garlands are made to a high quality by the English Garland Company in Warwickshire in the heart of the UK. We use top quality Sheffield steel for strength and durability so that you can be assured that our Christmas luxury garlands are robust and beautiful.

  • We use our classic bend of colours to create an authentic replica foliage.
  • This range has a very strong twig and stiff inner core. The strengths of the wire used will support heavy lighting and dressing.
  • This product is ideal for interior large-scale schemes and design where visual impact and strength is required.
  • This range can also be used outside against walls and features but we recommend the heavy duty range for cross-street and exterior suspension purposes.
  • Manufactured in the UK. Steel and wire from Sheffield.

Christmas Garlands and Wreaths sell a large range of Wreaths, Garlands and swags to suit internal and external decoration. If you require bespoke shapes and unusual lengths please contact us for help. Christmas Garlands and Wreaths sell decorative artificial Christmas foliage to suit a wide range of creative briefs. We have Christmas Wreaths and Garlands for houses and offices and large commercial properties and large scale decoration for town centres and shopping centres.

5.4m / 18 ft
Foliage Width:
30cm / 1 ft
10 kg

Price: £229.50

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